Monthly Archives: October 2009


Everybody vents
About everyone they know.
Unless they’re a monk,

Under silent vows.
There’s no use in denying
an unspoken truth.

Unspoken? A fact.
We’re only human after all,
a work in progress.

words surface, come up for air
question behavior.

Grievances are aired.
Minds open, change perspective.
Suddenly one sees.

The human heart aware,
embraces reality,

accepting their need
for conscious self improvement.
One day at a time.

Sing Song

Singing on the train,
is like sharing good karma
freely with the world.

Though I am quite sure
nearly certain that belting
during morning rush

would be as welcome
as a sick, colicky child.
I’ll sing to the night.


Pride, for a dear friend
Chasing a dream for a child.
With no man in sight.

Solo parenting?
No doubt it’s a life challenge
But it can be done.

Is she strong enough?
That’s the real question, isn’t it?
Here’s where love steps in.

16 days later

so much can happen
in two weeks and counting.
an alter ego

or two might appear.
funny to think how brief my
memory can be.

one can knock me down,
act disrespectful,
and yet I forgive.

in the darkest hour
if someone is in need:
Good Samaritan

steps in and takes charge.
Most frends will think I’ve gone mad
if they knew the words

that sometimes spill out
without thought of consequence:
willingly risk all.

it is my mother
speaking through every action:
honor your promise.

but what if it was
a mistaken promise
made in haste? what then?

all those words spoken
are much harder to retract,
when pride shows itself.