Queuing up: The line outside

First off let me start by saying how amazingly beautiful the morning was, after being cooped up for 3.5 days accompanied by rain and gloom the day itself was like an energy field. And what a big day it was: Kristin and I were on a mission to find dresses for New Years Eve. We had been planning all week to glean the after-Christmas sales at Loehmann’s.

Planned Agenda

8:30 AM pick-up Kristin
9:00 AM Park and go to Loehmann’s
9:30 AM Find DRESS
10:00 AM Breakfast
11:00 AM Drive back to Brooklyn

Actual Agenda

8:31 AM pick-up Kristin
8:55 AM park the car (absolutely no traffic anywhere!)
9:00 AM Breakfast at Grey Dog Coffee (hearty eggs and oatmeal)
9:30 AM Walk to Loehmann’s (contrary to their automated message they do not open until 11am)
9:45 AM Decide to go to TJ Maxx, which opens at 10AM
9:50 AM Arrive at TJM and people watch the queue
For those of you who don’t know TJ Maxx is part of a mini mall in the Union Square area located on the 3rd floor and accessible by an up/down escalator (and nearby elevator). It shares the building with Bed, Bath & Beyond and Filene’s Basement.

10:00 AM Shop for dresses, we each find one: a rosy pink for Kristin and a ruby red for me (in a size 2!!)
10:41 AM Leave TJM and walk back to Loehmann’s, people watch the queue (more about that later)
10:58 AM Shop for dresses/shoes/accessories – I find another dress and cute Vince Camuto shoes; Kristin picks up a gorgeous pair of Betsey Johnson shoes and a necklace for her dress
11:30 AM Depart for Brooklyn

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