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Melancholy, a state of mind yes.

A state of grace? Hardly.

It is the in between resting spot when change is imminent,
acceptance met with resistance.

Letting go has always been a challenge.

I see warning signs and rather than acquiesce I question:
philosophically pondering the end of the beginning of things,

swallowing burnt pitchforks whole.

Summer skin

An unblemished scenic view created by the gods:

Long legs the color of bronze walk with purpose.

An even stride strong, certain.

I will not allow myself to be self-conscious

this is my season, my summer solstice.

The New 40

A handful of my friends are turning 40 this year. 40. Is it the new 30? or the new 20? Whatever it is one thing’s for sure it’s a powerful number to women (and men) everywhere. An age feared and revered, a somewhat startling number that can cause crisis or launch a revolution. I personally like the idea of a revolution, an adventure even. We are alone are on this journey and life’s adventures and choices make us who we are. For good or bad.

One thing I’ve figured out from my own journey is that standing by your decisions almost always requires that you let go. Let go of the expectations and benchmarks set by other people and then concentrate on the ones you have for yourself. If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re all on a different time clock. We’ll get to where we’re going when we’re ready to get there.

In observing my friends as they approach the birthday of the decade, I’ve witnessed a most remarkable occurrence. Each and every one of them (even if they might not realize it) have undergone a transformation. They have recaptured their personal essence. Kind of vague I know but it’s not exactly the easiest thing to put into words, especially if you’re on the sidelines watching it unfurl.

Dream fulfillment is what I’m referring to, the recapturing of a childhood dream that was lost, or realizing one just discovered. It’s about making a concerted effort to nurture and reconnect with your life passions, whatever they may be:

  • establishing a home
  • reconnecting one’s love for dance
  • actualizing a dream to live in another country
  • embracing motherhood through adoption
  • empowering young women through the arts

The individual benefits can move lethargic mountains and have curtailed years of procrastination. Beholding this spring awakening amongst my sisters has been amazing, where even the most subtle changes have made a huge impact. Younger women should learn from their example. I know I am.


Who Else is Turning 40 This Year?

Recapture Your Spirit & Your Health


how much we have
how much we waste
of all that we are given
so much is used in haste.

i’m too busy, i have no time:
these are fruitless useless words.
do you not realize:
we have the ability to take control,
to rule the sands of time
rather than be governed by them

our voices object to this idea.

rather than embrace it
they reject it
leaving circumstances to fate
admonishing free will.

it is a poetic thing, this resistance to
decision-making and responsibility.
a tragedy really,
for all those realists who refute prioritization
i can’t help but wonder
how many,
if given the chance
would turn back time.


For years I would toil
away at work, unsure why,
by an inner force

real, not real but there.
A hunger perhaps? Maybe.
A strong work ethic?

Yes, absolutely.
For what better way, than through
self-induced fury

to challenge the mind
and seize life’s passion, to prove
that you are alive.