Monthly Archives: July 2010

Tigger lives there

for all intent purposes i should be asleep.

half-past one on Thursday morning, third to last day of the month:

an early morning meeting 8 hours away.

this day of days is not over yet.

Tigger has not eaten; nor drank water; choosing to rest, sleep.

My monster now 6 lbs lighter, stands for a moment only to resign once more lying over the cool wood saddle.

I wish I could sleep but I can’t.

My mind is roaming, restless with worry, anticipation, fear, loss.

the internet brings comfort, information (though almost too much).

a lady in waiting knows none of God’s creatures, man or beast lives forever and yet hopes for a reprieve

this longing is bittersweet.

selfishly i don’t want him to leave me,

selflessly I don’t want him to be in pain.

i want him to live and die peacefully.

if he is incurable, I wish him to crossover into his spirit journey seamlessly.

Death is the 2nd most popular fear for most people

maybe this is life’s way of confronting my own issues with death and dying.

There are few of us who would not fight to live; what if we lost the will along the way.

funny play on words: you need the will (v.) to live and a will (n.) to die

If you will it wish it come?

Tigger has been my sole confidante for the last 15 years, my rock during the most emotional of times, and an amusement every moment in between.

Tigger is and will always be the light in my heart.

Tigger lives there.