if i had known the signs

sick to my stomach,
its all there in black’n white
all those early signs.

The Natural Cat
lists them all. I should have known.
but how could I know?

that weight loss mixed with
lethargy, vomiting and
digestive upsets.

Foamy yellow bile
and lightly colored stool. That
the random pee sprays

were anything but.
mood swings: good to bad. the trots
and all of that stuff

are symptoms, symptoms
symptoms of liver disease,
pause before next steps.

About Modern Vintage Ink.

Ghostwriter. Copywriter. Business Curator. Founder, Modern Vintage Ink. Reinvention through experimentation. Serendipitous NYer. Alum of @AOL_Inc @GQ @NBC_Universal @Marist View all posts by Modern Vintage Ink.

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