Monthly Archives: December 2010

eve of eves

wounded, stolen heart.
pierced by the most intense gaze.
fear, hesitation:

she does not know why
they emerge, come to surface
right now on this day.

she second guesses
feelings, as if it matters.
prays aloud for strength

to overcome this and
everything else that conjures
itself free of will.

for even these things
that steer us astray….sometimes,
they lead us back home.

here is now

she’s a longtime friend.
who’ll be there in a heartbeat,
once she gets the call.

your long-lost sister
full of advice and laughter:
who knows you so well.

once upon a face
when we met, before email:
voices on the phone

two lives connecting
old-fashioned, memories shared:
practical magic.

navigation: on,
the highway is still open.
despite the distance

you’re still thick as thieves.
you can’t imagine a time
when you may not be.

life, flash in the pan.
Hiroshima strikes, one word:
the world’s upside down.

shoulder wet with tears
she hides her own as you cry
and hugs you tighter.

what was it we said?
we will be invincible,
and forever young.