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my two year absence

A lot can happen in two years. A lot did happen in two years. There were a handful of hypnotic eye-opening experiences in India, as well as a a slightly disturbing observation in the duty free shop in Qatar. The stories start here. I came home with a new mindset and a plan to make some serious changes in my life. I adopted Rocky to fill the hole left in my heart from losing Tigger the year before. His arrival could not have been more serendipitous, one week later after an unbearably hot July my universe was shaken to its core when my father passed from this life to the next. Those stories are here.

Next came a year’s worth of weekends searching for a new home, and then this past March moving to a new neighborhood. Now almost 5 months in, my Saturdays are spent looking for furniture and sprucing up the deck. You can find out all about that here.

I’ve taken a very long hiatus from my writing and luckily that well is being replenished even as I type this “welcome back to me” post. In addition to ramblings about life and the occasional blast of poetry when the mood strikes that you’ll find here, I’ll soon be launching a new site, — the content explores a new philosophidea (I just made that up combining philosophy + idea) of giving ourselves permission (aka leave) to live our lives.

more to come,

– a

a scene like any other

waiting for kashmali
sounds like the title of a book, like
waiting for godot
only less cryptic.

waiting at Cafe OST
on the corner of 12th & A
French doors open wide, piano keys tinkle
the rain a misty haze between the patrons and the street

the clouds swiftly cross the sky
as if the gods are forcing them
across the global divide.
i feel as if I’ve stopped, and so has time.

there is a certain civility
in the hexagonal mosaic floor,
worn down by time and dancing feet
or so I’d like to imagine, to believe.

an exposed brick wall
the milky white marble cast iron mix
a feather in my latte
a crisp breeze blows.

my mind wanders, and wonders
if this scene, like others before
will find itself somewhere else
beautiful and blurred.