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underneath my feet

one year later … and what i really want to say is how much a years worth of decisions or indecisions can change your life. seriously, what a difference 365 days can make.

if you think about it every year is filled with endings and beginnings. people walk into your life and they walk out. opportunities present themselves, some better than others. doors appear from nowhere, some are  open, some are locked, some are waiting for you to nudge them in either direction. life is a series of moments both active and still, depending on what road you are traveling on.


this road that i am traveling moves forward regardless if my feet comply. even as i stand still, i can feel it rumbling underneath my feet with tremors of encouragement. it is a lifeforce unto itself. sometimes i forget how powerful the universe can be.

only breath

comfortably me with my dhotti yoga pants and tevas
walking barefoot on the sand and concrete
dangling legs, toes dipping into the water’s surface

you ask me who i am
i don’t know what to say
i am constantly evolving
there are so many things i don’t know. yet.

like who i want to be when i grow up
where i want to live
how i want to die.

leave me be,
breathing into this moment,

140 characters

excellence tested

by snippets of text, free form

one hundred forty.

define nasty tweet

anger, frustration

air your dirty laundry please

just not on my line.


it’s not important
that you recognize me,

it’s only important
that i recognize myself.

a new blog, an old blog

You will no longer
Find prose musings on this page.
I’ve decided this

blog should be about
my poetry in motion:
haiku perspective.

Other stuff found here:

midnight rambling

resting at midnight
a day’s worth of spring cleaning
just a memory

even now amazed
by the accumulated
clutter of the week.

each time i deep dive
into the mess i wonder
how does it get here?

gremlins, dust bunnies
cohorts in a filthy crime
to debunk order.

i am wistful for
stylized minimalism
and satisfied with

apartment feng shui:
brownies, freshly baked, still warm.
the sound of thunder

rain splash down on earth.
my eyes grow weary and tired
i succumb to sleep.