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wet dog

The fog rolled in with the onset of rain, enveloping the Financial District. It felt every bit like a scene in a SyFy movie, and the Oculus’ modernistic structure made it even more so. IMG_6595On the way back to Grove Street, I walked through the night mist; the streets eerily quiet.   I emerged from the subway at Barclay’s Center to a downpour.


The sky was gunmetal gray, the rain steady.

There was no way not to get wet, the raindrops were enormous. So I walked home in the rainstorm, the shower matching a melancholic mood. By the time I got home, I was soaked to the bone.



Last night summer rolled in, too hot too fast.

This morning a wicked thunderstorm breaks the Brooklyn sky.



Barclays Center Skyline, Brooklyn – @prez13


This morning a wicked thunderstorm breaks the Brooklyn sky. It sounds like the apocalypse as if the gods are at war behind the purple cloudscape, a lightning show like no other dancing silhouettes behind the curtain. It’s something you just have to see.

The rain splatters on the rooftops, and the birds chirping nearby almost makes it feel like somewhere else. A foghorn in the distance and then loud cracks of thunder … it doesn’t sound like a city at all.