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Weekend Warrior: NY Fashion

IMG_6354‘Intrigued by an event listing a friend sent along, Kinga and I checked out an exhibit presented by the fashion program at my alma mater  Marist College. The event was held at The National Arts Club around the corner from Gramercy Park.

The presentation showcased designs from winners of this year’s Silver Needle Awards. Held in the Grand Gallery, the designs were bold and bright amidst the current exhibition, Alternate Lives, an avant-garde display of black and white photographs.

Some of my favorite designs

The satin bustle dress designed by Allison Carolei ’18 featured a mix of black, midnight blue, and dark red fabrics. A black halter evening gown with a graduated hem, short in the front with a long train in back from Kristen Wong ’17 caught my eye.

I especially loved the flickering LED lights on the train.

Next up a halter pantsuit with flared bell bottom hems in a bright pink plaid from Cara Benevenia ’17. She also showcased a delicately woven bolero shrug with faux feathered sleeves, also in bright pink, and an eco-friendly woven dress in natural tones and pink accents.

I next noticed Emma Gage, ’17 outerwear ensemble with black llama fur and layers of wool in black, gray, and blood red. The trim accented by dystopian-like baubles conjured images of broken pieces of stalactites.

Gabrielle Amaturo ’18 olive green design with its Pucci-like accents reminded me of  1940s film noir. I would imagine the piece would also complement the wardrobe closet of Effie Trinket, too.


Anna Wintour

September is born
upon editorial
conception in March.

Anna Wintour: shrew
and mastermind behind Vogue
feared, revered, scorned.

Fashion stops at will
on her command; loved ones will
admit they’re amused

by the high priestess’
choice of profession, and if
RJ Cutler’s show

offers anything, it’s
a glimpse inside the heart,
not all ice and stone.

And Grace Coddington?
who wouldn’t want to be stylized
by her golden eye?

satin, silk, wool crepe
dolman sleeve, tuxedo pants
black is the new black.

genuine divas
revealed by the camera lens:
Mario, Jean Paul

even Yves’ no saint.
funny how men in fashion
are not men at all.

Anna is the color
on the designer palette,
the satin ribbon

a most precious gift.
I cannot quite imagine
Vogue without the Queen.