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peace in the city

Tonight CC and I attended a member’s reception at The Rubin Museum of Art. The Rubin presents contemporary exhibits that “emphasize cross-cultural connections” with the art and ideas of the Himalayas and surrounding Asian cultures.

I was first introduced to the museum by Lulu when we attended a Mirror Meditation seminar last fall. The session included a silent walking meditation through one of the galleries followed by an immersive meditation using mirrors to reflect the inner self. The whole experience was calming and zen-like, one of the first times I’ve felt completely at peace in the city.

The museum architecture is perfectly attuned for sound. This evening there was sitar music playing at the bottom of the stairway rotunda and a life-size gong signaling time for the keynote presentation by executive director Patrick Sears.

We were invited to participate in the OM Lab, where individuals record an intonation of OM (A-U-M, phonetically) as part of the largest collective chant for The World Is Sound exhibit opening in June.



The OM Lab, Rubin Museum of Art @Prez13


Chanting OM is one of the favorite parts of my yoga practice and I love the idea of contributing my voice in collaboration.

If you’re located in the metro New York area or plan to visit the area before May 8, 2017 you can, too. Details here.

a scene like any other

waiting for kashmali
sounds like the title of a book, like
waiting for godot
only less cryptic.

waiting at Cafe OST
on the corner of 12th & A
French doors open wide, piano keys tinkle
the rain a misty haze between the patrons and the street

the clouds swiftly cross the sky
as if the gods are forcing them
across the global divide.
i feel as if I’ve stopped, and so has time.

there is a certain civility
in the hexagonal mosaic floor,
worn down by time and dancing feet
or so I’d like to imagine, to believe.

an exposed brick wall
the milky white marble cast iron mix
a feather in my latte
a crisp breeze blows.

my mind wanders, and wonders
if this scene, like others before
will find itself somewhere else
beautiful and blurred.